Gravity Feed Iron sewoong (PEN520) 10 Hole
All Steam Iron

Gravity Feed Iron sewoong (PEN520) 10 Hole


Made in Korea

Model Number :PEN520



No required Steam boiler!
Easy to use and installation!

  • Durable and Long Time use Solenoid Valve
  • Urethan handle is comfortable for long timed use.
  • Heat Insulation Plate is for the safety of operator's hands from the heat.
  • Durable Sheath-heating element with very long life.
- Durable & High quality thermostat. Iron is completed with thermal fuse for the safety from the fire.
Micro Switch 
- Designed for proper steam to be out by slight push of thumb and durable.
Power Switch 
- Easy to change and the power lamp showing on & off at work with perfect durability.


Weight 2.1kg
Size 115x205mm
Volts AC 110V/220V
Watts 1000W
Sole Plate Hard Anodized Aluminum
Mode Gravity Feed Type
Handle Urethan(Soft material)
Used for middle and final process



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All steam Iron , Sewoong SP-620 (40 Hole)
All Steam Iron

All steam Iron , Sewoong SP-620 (40 Hole)

Made in Korea,

Model Number: SP620

  • Features

Perfect for All Flat-Works!

  • Soft feeling Urethan Handle designed by bio engineering
  • Iron is covered with "PET" engineering plastic cover that keeps heat away from operator's hand, who can continue ironing without suffering from the heat.
  • Heavy Duty Exhaust Valve Leaking-Free with genuine Silicone O-ring and Teflon busing inside.
  • Unique steam holes located on the edge of iron base widely which makes spreading steam hard to press areas easy.
Exhaust Valve Ass'y
- Adjustable venturi valve draws any condensate that may form assuring 100% dry steam and no water spots.
Push Valve Ass'y 
- Durable & Long Life steam valve is virtually maintenance free.
Lever Band Ass'y 
- Iron has a adjustable bolt on the steam valve which can adjust the steam quantities.


Weight 1.6kg
Size 142x200mm
Sole Plate Stainless steel
Cover Engineering Plastics
Steam Valve Push Type
Mode Gravity Feed Type
Handle Urethan(Soft material)
Used for Finishing



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Silver Star Stem Iron ES-300
All Steam Iron

Silver Star Stem Iron ES-300

Silver Star Stem Iron ES-300 

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