About Us

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About Sewing Mall BD Pvt. Ltd.

What we really do?

We provide all kind of apparel Machinery and Machine Spare Parts. if you are not find any machinery  or Machinery Parts please contact us . we try to support you to brings those item from any country within short time

Our Vision

We are the first E-commerce Company in Bangladesh who work with total Apparel Machinery and Spare Parts. our vision is we will be the leading supplier in apparel ,Textile & Lather Sector

History of Beginning

We are Established in 2017 the name of Sewing Mall & Frist Ecommerce company in apparel sector. After that we register of Join stock Company 2019 the Name of Sewing Mall BD Pvt. Ltd. now we are import product from China, Hong Kong , Taiwan , Japan, Turkey & Vietnam.

Bayazid Bustami Managing Director

Mr. Sumon Client Care

Mr. Muntasir Alam Marketing Head

Mr. Nick Chairman

Mr. Mustafa Keles Head of Branch in Turky

Sewing Mall BD PVT. LTD. is the first E-commerce company in Bangladesh where you can find all Apparel Machinery & Spare Parts, Textile Machinery & Spare Parts, Apparel Cutting Machine & Spare Parts, Iron, Industrial Sewing Needle, Garments Accessories Production Consumable item, Production supporting item, Cad Cam Machine & Spare Parts, Lab Equipment & Consumable Item,  All kind of Meter Etc.

Sewing Mall BD PVT. Ltd. always Ensure the best Quality products, Good Sales Support very Comparative price.

We a Team to Sourcing Product All over the World within short time.

We have a good delivery system to reduce your purchasing cost & time. we can give any kind of products Sourcing and delivery from China within Short Time.

Our Products List:

All Kind of Sewing Machine Spare Parts: (Bobbin & Bobbin Case, Rotary, Lopper & Lopper Holder, Thread Tension ASM, Needle Plates, Feed Dog, Presser Foot, Needle Clamp, Gauge Set, All kind of Knife, Shank Button Clamp Complete, Thread Stand, Machine Switch, Needle Bar, Rotary Hook, Puller Attachment, Nose Guide,
Folders & Attachment, Electric Bracket Cloth Puller

Xinding Brand Machine: Snap Button Attaching Machine, Heat Press Machine, End Cutter Machine (Athrized Agenet in Bangladesh)
All Kind of cutting Machine: Straight Cutting Machine K.M / Eastman, End Cutter Machine, Round Cutter Machine

All Kind of cutting Machine Spare Parts: Cutting Blade & Knife, Base plate, Cutting Machine Switch, All kind of Cutting Machine Spare Parts, Auto Cutter Machine Spare Parts (Bulmar, Lactra, Ima-Spa)

Cad & Cam Solution: Plotter Machine, Plotter Machine Spare Parts & Accessories, Plotter Ink, Cad Paper (Plotter Paper, Marker Paper)

Garments Accessories & Production Consumable Item: Sewing Machine LED Lights, Laser Light (- & +), Tailor & civil Scissors, Thread Cutter, All Kind of Measurement tape, Textile Cleaning Gun & Parts, Bobbin winder, Abrasive Belt, Sport Lifter, Millat Powder, Tag Gun Machine, SS cutting hand Gloves, Grinding Stone, Tweezers, Magic Pen, Tag pin All Size, Container Lock, Water Erasable Pen, Striges Opener, Sewing Machine Cleaning Brash, Clear Gum Tape, Both Side Tape, paints for sewing machine, Thermos Strip Paper , WD-40, Sewing Machine Oil. Numbering Machine, Numbering Sticker,

All Type of Iron, Iron Table & iron Accessories: All Steam Iron, Bottle Iron, Iron Hose Pipe, Iron Table, Iron Table Foam, Spring Balancer for iron Table, Iron Table Cloth and all Kind of Parts & Accessories for Iron Table.

Lab Equipment & lab items: GSM Cutter, GSM Cutter Knife, GSM Cutter Board, GSM Balance, Light BOX, Varibite Light, Musell 100 Hue Test, Needle Detector, Precision Balance, Lab Detergents & Auxiliaries, Multifibre DW, Laboratory Chemical,

All kind of Led Light: (LED Bulb, LED Tube Light, LED Flood Light, LED Sport Light, Decorative Light ETC.
Servo Motor: Integrated Energy Saving Motor for sewing Machine